Hooked Seafoods
Address: 2315 Industrial Blvd Juneau, AK, 99801
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Phone: 907-790-4300
About Us
In 2015, we purchased a small seafood processing plant in Juneau, originally called "Horst Seafood". Horst's was run by a German man for 30 years. He processed the Dungeness crab we served at the Crab Shack and many other Alaska seafood items such as halibut, salmon and black cod. He is famous for his lox and smoked slamon recipes which he graciously passed on to us. We are very proud to carry on his tradition and offer fresh seafood "Sea to Table" to the public, the Crab Shack and our other resturants in Juneau; SALT, Saffron & McGivney's Sports Bar & Grill. Tracy bought the shop to produce quality products for her restaurants, and wanted a person with long standing ties to the fishing community in southeast Alaska;
Hooked Seafoods is a small shop that works with local fisherman to make sure we get the highest quality fish to ensure the best product possible.