Glacier Mushrooms
Contact: Reed Lee Rivers
Address: 3820 Kiowa Dr Juneau, AK, 99801-9142
Phone: 720-290-9542
About Us
Glacier Mushrooms offers a variety of gourmet and medicinal mushrooms including pink oyster, blue oyster, golden oyster, chestnut and lions mane mushrooms. This is no doubt a labor of love, and one that I am more than proud to offer the southeast community. I believe that mushrooms are not only a tasty and beautiful food, but a very healing medicine with far reaching and undiscovered health benefits. I hope you come to love my product as much as I do.
Here at Glacier Mushrooms, we grow a wide variety of gourmet mushrooms on locally sourced products such as spent coffee grounds from Hot Shot coffee, oat bran from rainbow foods, spent grains from Forbidden Peak Brewery, and oak sawdust from Don Abels. I strongly believe in shopping local and using environmentally friendly methods. I also used jars in my spawning process to eliminate the need for disposable plastic bags. These mushrooms receive full time attention and are grown in a sterile environment, to ensure purity and quality.