Swampy Acres
Contact: Wendy Smith & JoAnn Sidney
Address: 10400 Glacier Highway Juneau, AK, 99801
Phone: 907-789-7253
About Us
Swampy Acres was homesteaded in 1973. Joann and Jim started their hobby farm in the muskeg armed with a passion for animals and Alaska. As a second generation Alaskan growing up in town, farm living was the life for Joann which came to fruition when the newlyweds moved “out the road” to 11 mile. Always dragging some wayward kitten, squirrel or puppy home on 9th street as a kid, its no surprise she and Jim discovered the joys of raising their own meat, milk, and eggs on the farm. With over 50 years of experience with chickens, ducks, geese, rabbits, horses, peacocks, goats and pigs in Southeast Alaska, she has answers for your questions. Her feed store started as business to supply feed for her own flock and has expanded to include yours. Everything she sells, she has used and has real life experience.
All birds are free ranged with plenty of cover for protection against eagles, hawks, mink and marten who dare to harass the flock. Watchdog peafowl and guinea hens are sure to disrupt any intrusion from our Alaskan wildlife. Free feed Purina Layena pellets, fresh water, spoiled alfalfa sprouts, vegetable scraps daily, these ladies are spoiled. Pecking order in the coops are fascinating to observe, rooster spar for breeding rights and care for their flock of hens daily as they forage in the bug infested grassland and compost heaps. No animal by products, no antibiotics, all natural feed.