Copper Valley Fish Collective
Contact: Micah Hahn and Ben Tietge
Address: 2420 E 16TH AVE ANCHORAGE, AK, 99508
Phone: 865-406-5929
About Us
Copper Valley Fish Collective is a small gillnet fishing operation out of Cordova, Alaska, run by Micah Hahn and Ben Tietge. They operate as a Community Supported Fishery (CSF) distributing their Copper River salmon as “fill your freezer” shares and smoked products for your pantry. Place orders for a share of their season’s catch in their online shop in the spring for delivery in September. They offer mid-season delivery for special events. Their fish is live-bled, immediately chilled in slush ice, blast frozen, and vacuum-packed for high quality storage over winter. They also distribute to several Salmon Hubs in the Lower 48, so spread the wild Alaskan salmon love with your friends and family.