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Happy Egg Farm
Contact: Zoë Lessard
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Phone: 997-500-8269
About Us
My chickens live in a well built, bear safe coop, it includes a run so the chickens can be outside during the times we aren't home. When we are home and outside we let our chickens roam and eat all the good bugs and grass/other plants that is outside of their enclosure. We feed them scraps from our kitchen regularly along with their layer pellets. If you want to see some cute photos of the ladies please go to:
To see names, photos, and the color of egg they lay:)

I love to spend time with my chickens and create bonds with them like any other pet. I change their water daily and refill their food. I also change their bedding once a week. I also collect their eggs every day after school. I have 18 chickens most of them lay but some are still babies. They lay a rainbow of colors and it's really pretty. I love my chicken and hope you enjoy their eggs as much as I enjoy them:)