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Heartfelt Studio
Address: 2050 Glacier Hwy Juneau, AK, 99801
Phone: 907-500-8813
About Us
Hi there! I'm Heather Ramseth and I love to make things, especially by hand and, as much as I can, from "scratch". I am offering mostly handwoven items on the Salt and Soil Marketplace, inspired by the beautiful foods offered here, the beautiful place where we all live, and the seasons we move through. The most basic things in life - food, shelter and companionship - often seem like afterthoughts in our busy world. But I truly believe slowing down to meet those basic needs in very deliberate, healthy and wholesome ways is nourishing in itself and inspires deep gratitude. I hope to reflect that health and beauty and gratitude in the things I make. I'm excited and honored to offer my work along with all the dedicated growers, gatherers, harvesters and makers that offer the fruits of their labors here on the Salt and Soil Marketplace!
I use natural fibers, grown and processed with minimal impact on the environment. My looms are powered only by my own effort. Each thread in every piece is individually planned, measured, arranged and threaded on the the loom before any actual weaving takes place and, as in all handcrafts, no two pieces are exactly alike.