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Juneau Greens
Contact: Trevor Kirchhoff and John Krapek
Address: 2769 Sherwood Lane Unit H Juneau, AK, 99801
Phone: 907-500-5916
About Us
We are a hydroponic farm growing Genovese and Thai basil in Juneau, Alaska. We are located in the Mendenhall Valley. Our goal is to have all produce from harvest to market in the same day for optimal freshness and quality.

We sell our basil as living plants. If you keep the root plugs submerged in a little bit of fresh water as needed, the plants should last on your countertop for up to two weeks.

We participate in the Alaska Grown program.

We will grow other leafy greens and culinary herbs in the near future.
Year-round production
Harvest to market the same day