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Wildwood Cottage Farm Goods
Address: 2652 Engineers Cutoff Rd Juneau, AK, 99801
Phone: 907-209-8739
About Us
We are in the process of building a family-run hobby farm that can share our locally grown bounty with Juneau and surrounding areas!
Currently, our main offering is farm fresh duck eggs. Our little flock of Khaki Campbell ducks are carefully tended by Farmer Boy 'Nate', and fed a diet of fermented organic feed and household scraps, along with grazing our property in their portable pens. (During the winter, when grazing is limited, we supplement their diet with grubs and mealworms along with organic greens.) These practices lead to our girls laying large eggs with huge, nutrient dense yolks that are often better tolerated by people with sensitivities or allergies to chicken eggs. The extra fat in duck eggs also makes for better baked goods and are often the eggs of choice for commercial and gourmet bakers!