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Sunny Slope Organic Farm
Contact: Danielle Brown-Farrell
Address: 10025 N Douglas Hwy Juneau, AK, 99801
Phone: 907-723-6353
About Us
Sunny Slope Organic Farm and Plant Nursery is located on Douglas Island in Juneau, Alaska. We are a small family run backyard market grower that has been gardening in Interior and Southeast Alaska for the past 18 years. Our sustainable locally grown organic vegetables and perennial plants will thrive in our cool wet rainforest conditions.
We have used many growing techniques such as raised beds, hot beds, cold frames, plastic mulches, green house and hoop house production, row covers, foliar sprays and cover crops. Aside from growing produce, we have raised honeybees, broiler and laying chickens and pigs. We start our vegetables and herbs onsite in a propogation building starting in February.