Tidal Wood Food and Forage
Contact: Joel Bos
Address: 4629 Sawa Cir Juneau, AK, 99801
Email Address:
Phone: 907-209-9430
About Us
Tidal Wood Food and Forage is a new business in Juneau dedicated to harvesting wild foraged foods and growing fresh vegetables. We have a hobby garden at our home and forage foods from the woods and low tides of the beach. We have been putting up food for ourselves for a few years and have found a few items that we are able to harvest and process in larger quantities to put up for sale. We believe in local food for local people everywhere on earth and feel fortunate to live here in the bountiful forests and oceans of Southeast Alaska. The vast natural fields and forests of berries, kelp and woodland vegetables are available to us if we put in the time to harvest, wash and savor the bounteaous result of natural life. Nature can provide the vitamins and antioxidants your body craves. Tidal Wood Food and Forage knows the plants, and peak seasons of the year to collect wild foraged foods.
All vegetable farming practices are organic. We create our own lush compost piles to feed our plants and purchase only organic fertilizers. We make our own organic chili pepper and garlic pesticide spray. After learning about our pesticide and herbicide ridden food supply I made it my mission to create cleaner food and vegetables for myself and family. We hope to create the most clean and toxic free vegetables possible and pass this goodness on to our customers.
All foraging practices are sustainable. Any plants or seaweed we harvest we make sure we take 10% or less of the plants in any location. We have all required state non-timber commercial harvesting permits and follow the low impact practices laid out in the state handbook. We also have been permitted by the Dept. of Fish and Game to harvest seaweed. By following sustainable harvesting practices we will continue to allow for yearly harvests in our harvesting locations.