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Tidal Wood Food and Forage
Contact: Joel Bos
Address: 8480 N. Douglas Hwy Juneau, AK, 99801
Phone: 907-209-9430
About Us
Tidal Wood Food and Forage is a farm on the north side of Douglas Island in Juneau, AK, owned and operated by Joel Bos. I have been growing vegetables in Juneau for 8 seasons. In 2020 our family moved to N Douglas and began working on creating a small market farm. Currently I am growing carrots, potatoes, onions, peas, bok choi, cabbage and miner's lettuce and plan to expand our operation over the next few years.
My main goal in becoming a producer of food is to create a more sustainable and healthy supply of food for my family and community. All vegetables are raised without any pesticides or herbicides. All fertilizers are organic. I grow primarily in raised beds. Depending on the crop, I use green plastic mulch, row covers and small hoop houses to raise the soil temperature, reduce weeds, and offer pest protection. I make hot compost on site by picking up spent grain from local breweries and mixing it with crop residues, seaweed, and wood chips. I also dabble in cover crops and lo till farming.