FluffyButt Farm
Contact: Jason Waite & Linnea Pearson
Address: 19146 Randall Rd Juneau, AK, 99801
Email Address:
Phone: 907-362-1881
About Us
Linnea and Jason are wildlife biologists with a combined 14 years of experience raising poultry. We currently have a mix of green queens, wyandottes, orpingtons, easter eggers, and legbars, so we get a mix of blue, green, bluish-green, and brown eggs. Our birds have a large, dry, indoor space to roost and lay eggs, and a very large dry covered run with lots of enrichment (trees, stumps, roosting shelves, scratching medium, a dust bath, and more). They are fed a blend of sprouted grains, spent brewery grains, and partially-fermented organic Scratch and Peck food, along with daily greens, fruits, and vegetables, and supplemented by layer crumbles ad libitum. They get sunflower seeds and dried grubs as treats and they have continuous access to fresh, clean water. We have a roll-away egg collection system, which prevents egg pecking and also keeps the eggs nice and clean. Eggs are collected several times daily, washed, and kept refrigerated. We supplement their light during the bench seasons, but taper their light off during the winter to reduce egg production and allows them a natural rest period.