Bofur's Bakery
Contact: Haley Reed
Address: PO Box 22146 Juneau, AK, 99802
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Phone: 907-305-1067
About Us
Bofur found his furever home in 2018 when Haley, a born and bred Alaskan, walked into a shelter in Los Angeles. She fell in love with his goofy smile the moment she saw him. He got to enjoy his California dog life for a couple of years before she moved back to Alaska, introducing him to a world of precipitation and wilderness that he, somewhat begrudgingly, adjusted to.

Regardless of what state his dog bed is located in, the way to Bofur's heart has always been food and treats of any sort. A hobbyist baker and cook, Haley delighted in crafting homemade treats for him and his dog cousin. In doing so, she was not only able to express her love and enjoy his delight, but she was able to be sure that all the ingredients in his treats were healthy and minimally processed. Now, Bofur is ready to share some of his favorite treats with other dogs (and cats!) whose parents want healthy and locally produced alternatives!
All Bofur's Bakery products are made in Juneau using human-grade ingredients. Any dehydrated products made from fish and meat are baked after dehydrating to kill off any bacteria. Each batch of treats is tested and approved by Bofur for quality control.