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Alaska Garden Spirit
Address: POB 34356 juneau, AK, 99803
Phone: 907-957-3338
About Us
Alaska Garden Spirit (AGS) began in 1993 propagating and selling perennials. Over the years AGS ‘grew’ to include flowers (peony), plant starts, and vegetables (coles, tomato, cucumber etc). AGS is an ‘Alaska Grown’ member of Juneau-grown plant-starts, herbs, vegetables, and flowers.
From glacier to forest to farm to market… my Mendenhall Peninsula glacier-to-forest soils were substantially depleted of sufficient Nitrogen-Phosphorus-Potassium (NPK) to grow garden vegetables. Since 2020 these new-farm soils have gradually been built to threshold NPK values sufficient to grow a wide range of vegetables and flowers. Beach and sea harvests are still the primary additions in this effort, along with worm castings, steer manure, and compost. Over 95% of fertilizers and amendments are OMRI stamped, and used primarily on vegetables. ‘Plant starts’ utilize commercially sourced seed of hybrid and standard varieties, but additionally I test and incorporate many heirloom varieties—watch this summer for heirloom tomatoes for sale! The overall goal is to apply ‘best practices’ and time-tested methods to yield sustainably produced vegetables and flowers; I want this farm and soil to teem with life!