Gracie's Greens
Contact: Sydney Bauer
Address: PO Box 21941 Juneau, AK, 99802
Phone: 907-305-0469
About Us
Mid-covid, and as Grace was turning three, we looked at our options for fresh greens and decided the options didn't meet our needs. We invested in a hydroponic growing tower, and haven't looked back since! We have found a deep appreciation for having fresh things at our fingertips, and would very much like to share the bounty with the community!

We also wanted a way to encourage our daughter's entrepreneurial spirit... so (much like a 'spirit') she can typically be found flitting around at the local fresh air markets when not at another activity.

Thus, Gracie's Greens was born! She was carefully consulted when designing the logo... she was certain there had to be a Giraffe. One of her favorite activities is to pretend a basil leaf is a tree, perch it on a tall edge (think table, countertop edge, top of straws, backs of couches....) and pretend to be a Giraffe hunting tasty leaves in the wild.

Gracie's Greens proudly provides its products in home-compostable pouches, and reusable jars. Freeze-dried herbs are fresh months after the 'packed on' date. (The best flavor is within 6 months of the 'packed on' date, but can be good even longer if stored in a cool, dark place! Gracie's parents have used herbs over two years after the 'packed on' date and found them to be still delicious.)

The herbs are grown hydroponically year-round, with supplemental stock grown outside when weather permits. We do (responsibly!) forage ingredients for the 'Gracie's Potions' line of products. We also "forage" at the local supermarket for some of our more specialized treats... (in particular those of the fruit varieties ;) )