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Patty Biggers
Address: POBox 1633 Petersburg, AK, 99833
Phone: 907-772-2183
About Us
I sell Amish Friendship Bread. It’s a sweet dessert bread. The batter is a pet. I keep it on the counter in the nice warm kitchen and massage it a little every day and feed it now and then, and after 10 days I save a little and bake off the rest in 2 batches of 4 loaves each. Definitely cottage food. I currently have between 1 and 4 loaves of 30+ different varieties in the freezer. Unless someone is waiting for a particular loaf when it comes out of the oven, as soon as it’s cool enough it gets wrapped in plastic wrap, put in a plastic bread bag and labeled, then wrapped in freezer paper, labeled again and goes right into the freezer, where it keeps indefinitely. I’ve never known any to stick around long enough to know for sure how long it lasts. I had one friend say she kept hers in a bread box for nearly two weeks—but she was on a diet. Once cut into, it tends to vanish.

I am not vending during the October Market, due to short and uncertain supply after Octoberfest. Please contact me to put in a personal order of whatever kind you would like or for a list of inventory. Thank you all for your continued support. -Patty
Patty's (locally) Famous
Friendship Bread
There's always a variety
in the freezer, and
custom orders available
with 10 day's notice by calling
Patty Biggers at 772-2183