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Panhandle Produce
Contact: Kylie & Eli Wray
Address: 5381 B Commercial Blvd Juneau, AK, 99801
Phone: 907-723-5808
About Us
We are dedicated to providing year-round high quality produce to Juneau, Alaska.

Panhandle Produce was founded in 2013 when Kylie and Eli Wray began growing basil and cucumber seedlings in their apartment. They have since grown their passion into a hobby business that supplies fresh, high quality produce to multiple farmers markets around the Juneau area.

The couple is in the process of expanding operations to include a year round indoor growing facility with a storefront and a seasonal farm.
We use many different growing methods to maximize the output of our limited space and unpredictable climate. This includes growing organically in containers using soil amendments and natural pest remedies (ladybugs and neem oil) as well as hydroponically in climate controlled greenhouses and indoor spaces.

Currently we rent seasonal growing space and are in the process of opening an indoor year-round growing space with a small storefront to feature locally grown produce and product.