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Shikat Bay Oysters
Contact: Greg Parsley
Address: P.O. Box 129 Craig, AK, 99921
Phone: 907-965-5964
About Us
Shikat Bay Oysters are raised in trays suspended from grow-out rafts their entire growth cycle from spat to maturity. Our farm is located in the pristine waters of Southeast Alaska with great tidal flows throughout our bay. This allows our oysters to receive a constant replenishment of much needed plankton. Our oysters never see a muddy beach which is typical in most other oyster growing operations in the US. As a result of this coddled life, Shikat Bay Oysters are uniformly shaped with deep cups and plump meats. By hand selecting oysters we are able to maintain our dedication to quality which allows us to raise our oysters with a pretty amazing liquor with a medium to high salinity that is sure to wow your taste buds.
We harvest oysters year round. Our oyster sizes range from 3" - 3.5" inch oyster shooters, 4" - 4.5" medium oysters, and 5" - 6.5" large oysters. Small 2.5" cocktail shooters are also available upon request.