Fireside Herbs
Contact: Ariel Rolfe
Address: PO Box 236 Haines, AK, 99827
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Phone: 907-419-0829
About Us
I am just a regular person trying to do things with a tiny herb garden, surrounded by an overwhelmingly rich forest! I am honored to utilize the gifts of both - and sometimes sourcing from other gardeners.
I sell a variety of items to empower individuals to explore ways of taking care of themselves. My forté is using food as medicine but I dabble in salves and tonics as well. My mission is to highlight the resources we see locally and find fun and delicious ways of incorporating them into every day life. I work very hard to get to know the land I'm visiting and who all grow there. It is very important to me to practice respectful harvesting principles in order to ensure that the plants live long and successful lives.