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Fireside Herbs
Contact: Ariel Rolfe
Address: PO Box 236 Haines, AK, 99827
Phone: 907-419-0829
About Us
Fireside Herbs is not so much a business as it is a way to keep pushing myself to make art and other creations. I was born and raised in Alaska and live seasonally in a very tiny dry cabin outside of Haines (Deishu). I spent childhood summers running around Funter Bay (Kootznoowoo), blowing my bear whistle and investigating tidepools. My childhood forest and beach romping grew into a life-long sense of wonder for Alaska. I love to play and everything about what I do comes back to whether or not it inspires fun in whoever it reaches. I love sharing knowledge, but more than anything I would really love to share the sense of awe I get from this special place.
My mission is to highlight the resources we see locally and find fun ways of incorporating them into every day life. I work very hard to get to know the land I'm visiting and who all grow there. It is very important to me to practice respectful harvesting principles in order to ensure that the plants live long and successful lives.