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Northern Lights Foods
Address: Po box 211635 Auke Bay, AK, 99821
Phone: 907-612-1919
About Us
I always try to use local and organic ingredients in my canned food and baked goods. Please let me know if you have any questions about how my products are put together or what went into them. Thanks

(907) 612-1919 -

Note from Salt and Soil Administrator:

The products sold by this vendor are allowed under cottage foods laws and are not subject to state inspection. Please contact them directly, either using the contact info provided or during pickup to answer any food processing, safety, or allergy questions.
I moved to southeast permanently in 2005. I spent around 10 years in a small town here in S.E. with just about the most terrible grocery store ever. They'd regularly put out rotting/moldy produce + fruit as well as rotting meat knowing people in town didn't have an alternative and they'd be forced to buy their old/bad food. I'd rather not say which town but most folks there knew the score and felt the same. They were told if they got one more violation that they'd be shut down permanently. Town had figured that it wouldn't have a reasonable source for food being it was the only grocery store, so nothing was done.
As a result, I got very good at learning to presere and can all sorts of different food to save some money and so I could eat quality prepared fruits, vegetables and meats year-round. Super used to taking the ferry over to Juneau to buy clean food in bulk and then to spend the next week or so cooking down the bulk to have meals for the month until my next trip over. It was totally worth it but was a lot of work. Good things can definitely come from bad places though, appreciate being forced to become a better cook and more self sufficient overall.
One of the best parts of moving to Juneau has been the regular access to all of the city's fresh produce and meats without the lengthy/pricey ferry ride, very happy now. Having more than a rushed weekend I've been able to track down better deals and find even fresher more diverse and quality ingredients to use in all my canning projects.