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Moe's Healthcare Products
Contact: Amanda & Dustin Bacon
City: juneau, , 99801
Phone: 907-713-5429
Website: Facebook
About Us
Moe's Healthcare Products came about when we got tired of not knowing what was in our skin and food that we ingested or rubbed on each day.
Our daughter was born at 26 weeks with a disease that threw our whole family upside down. We had to learn about what she can eat and can't eat or put on her body. ( Skin issues, eczema, brake outs after eating or seizing) Have you ever read a cereals box and understood everything you just read? Well we didn't so we decided something needed to change so I (Amanda) enrolled and became an Holistic Nutritionist, that lead to us making our, growing, collecting our food, and making our skin products.

Our food is and will always be Organic. We go out and harvest what we can here, if we want something special we will search for the best products and get them sent here and do what we like with it.

All of our skin products has Devil's club salve, Always Organic oils and butters.
I like to think of Moe's is a family business, we love what we do, we love our nature, we love our community, we want to provide our community with affordable Organic Food, canned goodies, and Skin care products.