Shovel & Axe Works
Contact: Helena Muench and Dallas Anderson
Address: HC 60 Box 2845 Haines, AK, 99827
Phone: 907-767-5770
About Us
Good food from Moose Valley! Located on Mosquito Lake, outside of Haines, AK we offer a variety of produce from our small farm and wild medicinals foraged responsibly from the surrounding forest. We have a high tunnel, gardens, chickens, dogs, logs, frogs, sometimes hogs, a junior varsity level orchard, root cellar, house cat, barn cat, and moose scat. Wild visions of veggies, raspberries, deep soil, strawberries, grains, cultivated mushrooms, mountains of compost, rabbits, great woolly sheep, goats, pigs, apples, pears, plums, nuts, songbirds, earthworms, silage, herbs, dogs on the porch........We want to try it all. If you are a baker, brewer, chef, distiller, grocer, or gourmand and desire a locally sourced food or ingredient, drop us a line and we can experiment and see what we can make happen here in interior-southeast!
Rather than encumber ourselves with the bureaucratic impedimenta of formal certifications, we are directing our focus to living with intent as farmers on this land.
Intentions for our farm:
Build and maintain healthy living soil.
Support ourselves as much as possible through farming and subsistence activity.
Provide healthy, local food for others at a reasonable price.
Allow for native plant communities and habitats.
Minimize external inputs, especially non-local inputs.
Avoid chemicals.
Minimize use of motorized farm equipment.
Engage in a local, food-based, economy and community.
Create a balanced, diverse, healthy, and sustainable farm, life, and livelihood for ourselves and encourage the same for others.
Cultivate the Four Immeasurables: lovingkindness, compassion, joy, and equanimity.