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Alaska Coastal Seaweed
Contact: Tommy & Theresa Abbas
Address: 4011 Shady Lane Juneau, AK, 99801
Phone: 907-209-2694
About Us
Alaska Coastal Seaweed was formed out of the love of the ocean and all the goodness it has brought to our family. I raised my children in remote SE Alaska, harvesting, gathering and learning about the many different species of plants available to us and how to process them in ways to ensure the least amount of nutritional loss while enhancing their flavor. My mission is to nourishing body and soul by harnessing goodness from Southeast Alaska waters and bringing all the health benefits and everyday nutrition from seaweed directly to you and your family, to enjoy in the form of delicious snacks and seasonings.
Alaska Coastal Seaweed operates under an aquatic plants permit from the Alaska Dept of Fish and Game. We hand pick seaweed at its prime in waters away from any city or village. We gather small quantities of seaweed from established areas throughout Southern Lynn Canal and Chatham Strait. We collect data on seaweed health, growth and variety to share with Alaska Dept of Fish and Game to help with the sustainable harvesting of our aquatic plants. Our dried seaweed is minimally processed within 24 hours of harvest to capture the nutritional benefits and then slow roasted to enhance flavor. We hope you enjoy our seaweed as much as we do!