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Gimbal Botanicals
Contact: Hope Merritt
Address: 1302 sawmill creek rd Lot 40 Sitka, AK, 99835
Phone: 907-623-9990
About Us
Gimbal Botanicals is a small family run business in Sitka, AK. Perched on the pristine outer coast waters of southeast Alaska we focus on nutritious edible aquatic plants. Harvesting for the height of their nutritional threshold, we harvest Beach asparagus in the summer & seaweeds in the spring and summer.
Beach asparagus is available fresh when in season and frozen or pickled year-round. We do custom seaweed harvest of kelp and other SE Alaska algae.

A passion for being on the water brings us close to an abundant nutritious food source. It is only natural that we want to share it with others. We harvest from Our 20' skiff that gets us to the food nature has already prepared. All products are hand process in a commercial kitchen or shipped direct to you.
We also have 5 herbal medicinal loose leaf-tea blends.
Gimbal Botanicals believes in creating our own sustainable food security. All ingredients used are organically grow or locally wild crafted. If we can't get our Ingredients locally then the we try to get them from as close to home as possible.

Our harvest patches are away from town so we do not compete with local subsistence users of the valued food resources. We feel that harvesting and growing your own food is the best option but when you can't we are here to help. If we focus on local markets then we can ease the demand on local resources.

Sustainable practices are always used when wild crafting our products. In the abundance of our local ecosystem we have the ability to harvest commercially yet conservatively. We collect data on the species we harvest for ADF&G. Respecting the needs of the plants & algae as a collective to continue to thrive is key to sustainability. We do this through selective harvest practices to allow regrow and reproduction, observation and conservation.
We give thanks for this time and place. Gunalcheesh.