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Schoolhouse Fish
Contact: Malena Marvin and Eric Grundberg
Address: PO Box 2193 Petersburg, AK, 99833
Phone: 907-957-1007
About Us
Fisherman direct salmon & seafood from Southeast Alaska. We have line-caught coho and king salmon, halibut cheeks, lingcod and rock fish. Our fish comes in approximately 1 lb vacuum-sealed, frozen fillets.

Inspired by our 1920s schoolhouse in the wilds of Southeast Alaska, we put family, heritage, and craftsmanship at the forefront of our sustainable seafood business.

Schoolhouse Fish Co. is brought to you by Eric Grundberg, Malena Marvin, Keeja the dog, and the F/V Happy Time. Eric has been fishing commercially from his home in Petersburg, Alaska for over a decade. He trolls for salmon, longlines for halibut (and comes up with rockfish and lingcod too!), and works with friends to bring herring roe-on-kelp and sea cucumber to specialty food markets.
The Schoolhouse Fish Co. pairs Eric's experience harvesting quality seafood with Malena's desire to create sustainable solutions for Southeast Alaska. By direct marketing our fish, we can catch fewer fish at a higher price per pound and you get amazing salmon that you can trace right back to its source.

Schoolhouse Fish Co. is part of a wave of Alaskan entrepreneurs crafting businesses based on values. By keeping more of our fish revenues in our community, prioritizing craftsmanship over volume, and supporting local nonprofits, we're doing our best to pay it forward to future generations of fish and fishing families.