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David Noon
Address: 325 W. 9th St Juneau, AK, 99801-1513
Phone: 907-723-7730
About Us
I spend much of my free time in the summer gathering berries, spruce tips, dandelions, and fireweed to make jellies and jams (as well as wine, beer, and infused liquors which, alas, the law prohibits me from selling.) I picked up the canning hobby about 20 years ago, but over the last few summers I've found myself producing far more than I can reasonably give away to friends or consume on my own. Although I am a university history professor during the school year, summers are for loading up the kitchen with mason jars, giant pots, mounds of pectin, and enormous bags of sugar.
The jellies and jams I make are simple. The only ingredients are (depending on the recipe) berries, filtered water, flower or spruce tip "teas," sugar, pectin, and lemon juice. My blueberry jam is usually made with cinnamon and cloves; when I have that available, I will specify any additional spices used. With dandelion, spruce tip, and fireweed jellies, the color of the jellies will vary slightly depending on the ratio of blossoms/tips to water that I use. My products are all canned in sterilized mason jars and (based on Kerr's specifications) have an 18 month shelf life.