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Pinecone Acres
Address: 8438 N Douglas Hwy Juneau, AK, 99801
Phone: 907-401-3533
About Us
Offering farm fresh, free range, organically fed chicken eggs by the dozen.
Our chickens are fed organic chicken feed, free-range finds, fresh produce from our garden and kitchen and fresh mealworms from our own mealworm farm. No pesticides or herbicides are used anywhere on our property. We spend time each day with our hardworking ladies making sure that they stay healthy and happy, and in return they give us beautiful eggs with nice firm golden yolks

We love reusing clean cartons, so bring them back whenever possible. All returned cartons are lightly sprayed down with an alcohol solution and inspected. If you plan on ordering regularly, you may write your name on the carton and your eggs will only be sold in your carton and replaced with a new one when needed.

Odd egg? It happens sometimes. Please let us know and we’ll replace any egg not up to your standard. No need to keep the “evidence”, your word is enough.